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Under the Window

Kate Greenaway

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Click here to view the pages of the book.

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The Book

Under the Window – Pictures and Rhymes for Children by Kate Greenaway.
As originally engraved & printed by Edmund Evans.
George Routledge & Sons – New York - nd - 1878
Rare and wonderful, 1st edition, of this classic children’s book titled “Under the Window”. Written and illustrated by Kate Greenaway. London, nd (1878). Probably the 1st printing of the 1st edition with no publisher's ornaments on the title page and with the inscription "End of Contents" on page 14. Drawn on stone (chromolithography) and printed by Wemple & Company. Art Lithographers in New York.
This charming volume measures 7 3/8” x 9 1/2” and contains 64 pages, each with a beautiful, part page color illustration by Greenaway. It was published by George Routledge and Sons and engraved & printed by Edmund Evans. The first book Greenaway wrote as well as illustrated, Under the Window was an enormous popular success. “In his Reminiscences (pp. 59-63) Edmund Evans tells how Kate Greenaway’s sketches and the verses written for them were offered to him, how he took great pains to ensure that his engravings should reproduce her designs exactly, how his edition of 20,000 copies at six shillings each sold out at once, how Ruskin took her up, and how imitators of her work appeared everywhere. Certainly Evans spared no pains to make Under the Window attractive, from the graceful pictorial cover to the miniature cuts in the table of contents to the larger illustrations of the poems themselves. A child’s world could hardly be more agreeable than it is in this book” (Ray). The illustrations by Greenaway are simply fantastic and the lithography is stunning.

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