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Children's Books

We add new books weekly and some of the new books listed may be in the scanning process; their pages will be available really soon.

A Day in a Child’s Life (children book) (includes music scores) New
The Adventures of Pinocchio (children book) New
Baby Bouquêt (children book) (includes music scores)
Baby Opera (children book) (includes music scores)
French Fairy Tales (children book)
Household Stories (children book)
Kate Greenaway's Alphabet (children book) New
Kate Greenaway's Birthday Book (children book) New
Little Ann - A Book (children book)
Marigold Garden (children book) New
Mother Goose (children book)
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (children book) New
Poor Cock Robin (children book)
The Tempest (children book)
Under the Window (children book) New

Coming Soon

Child's Own Magazine (children book)
A Wonder Book for Girls & Boys (children book)
Bird Stories (children book)
The Tale of Peter Mink (children book)
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes
(children book)

Images from Walter Crane's Baby Opera

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