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The Illuminated Books Project is a collection of
illuminated and illustrated books from
private libraries fully presented in their integrity
and in reasonably high resolution.



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The Adventures of Pinocchio illustrated by Attilio Mussino


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The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones

Some new addition to the library:

Two new books from Evelyn Paul:
Aucassin & Nicolete New
Myths & Legends of Japan New

Rhiannon from Vintage Knitting has donated the images of:
Medieval Alphabets & Initials New

Kate Greenaway's Alphabet (children book) New
The Language of Flowers New
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (children book) New

The adventures of Pinocchio New
Illustrated by Attilio Mussino.

Kate Greenaway by M.H. Spielmann and G.S. Layard New
(A must read book about her that also include many of her drawings difficult to find elsewhere)
Kate Greenaway Birthday Book New

The Kelmscott Press and William Morris Master-Craftman by H. Halliday Spalding New
(A classic work on the Kelmscott Press with many images of William Morris work)

The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones New

Joe Freedman has donated the images of all the pages of this book.
This is a high quality photographic reproduction of this priced edition, far better in color fidelity and details than many scanned version available online and for purchase in CDs.

Under the Window New
A Day in a Child’s Life New

Queen Summer or the Tourney of the Lily and the Rose New

Enjoy the beautiful illustrations.
More books will be posted in a few weeks.

Alfredo Malchiodi

Note to Parents and Librarians: Text and images from all books presented in this library are safe for all ages.

In the selection of the books exhibited, we emphasize book illustration, illumination and design over literary content. Consequently, this library is not an alternative to public libraries for providing a wide array of genres for reading.
Of the books selected for presentation, all are complete from the first to the last page.

Most books from this collection are from the Victorian period, the Arts and Crafts Movement, the Pre-Raphaelites, etc. From the 19th century through the first quarter of the 20th century, including English and American Private Presses, some are examples of Gift Book, a genre that became very popular in the Victorian England.
We also started including British Victorian illustrated children books and American illustrated children books of the same period, some of them are already online, more will follow very soon.

A never-ending work-in-progress, new books are added every week from our collections. As avid book collectors, acquisition activities insure a steady growth of this online library. Owen Jones, Walter Crane, Evelyn Paul, Kate Greenaway and Alberto Sangorski are artists whose works are currently available to visitors.

Will Bradley - The Chap Book

William Morris - Detail of the border from the frontispiece of Glittering Plain


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